The Final Pitch

The Final pitch!

Today was the day of pitching our strategic agreement to the judges and persuading them that our product is immaculate and it doesn’t have any issues. It is a major day as the judges will finish the principle victor. As we needed to show our items to the judges in private in the live with a power point introduction it would have been somewhat extreme and I was very nervous. We had got to know from our judges and our course instructors that we won’t be given more than 8 minutes for our presentation . I needed to discuss the importance of the bike lock we had made and the major ambitions and goals of my company .

We had wore T-shirts of our company and also were arranged well for the pitch yet some of them were all the while looking apprehensive like me and it was extremely agreeable to chat with those folks and increasing some inspiration for one another. We had 11 groups who had to present for the final day . We were the last group to present the presentation and all of us were very tensed as it was an important day for all of us.

At last, the time had come when we had to go and pitch the business idea we have been planning and implementing for a while. We all were very nervous for the presentation and very confident as well . The presentation was good as we had got good feedback from the judges during our presentation . But the review given by them showed us that we have to improve in some parts of the operations and be serious towards the business and the company.

After we had given the final pitch all the teams were called together to the atrium and we had been given the results . Unfortunately we had not been selected for the final but I was happy for my other mates who were selected as it was a good experience for them . This final pitch altogether taught me a lot and helped me understand many concepts of business and different view how to see a business .

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