Trade Fair

I have displayed our trade stands in two trade fairs in the Kingston business school and on the Eden walk, Kingston upon Thames. We have tried to convey our product features and benefits to all the visitors who visited our stand. The main motive was to spread awareness to people about our brand and the unique features offered. We had many enquiries about the product and pre-orders too only for future use by providing their contact details to contact them when the product was ready. Many people appreciated the idea and also were interested in the final product. The trade fairs included the prototype which we had created and our website on which we were taking orders and also feedback forms for people to provide us with feedback on the product. 

The sales strategy for majorly based on the entering new target markets and introducing new products to the market. This was done by increasing conversations with majority of people. As it is a start-up, our strategy was to increase sales to a broader customer base by attracting new prospects with unique solutions and features provided. We have lead with what’s in it for our prospect, clearly articulated our features and offerings, we were flexible on our idea and accepted suggestions and recommendations. We did not have much sales as our final product was not ready and had managed to sold 2 locks only with the alarm sounds to 2 people who were our near and dears who motivated us by buying the lock from us.

The Trade Fair gave me a lot of new experience as I got to meet different type of customers and got lot of views about my product .

The item chosen by us is a start-up bike which has been intended for the bikes for decrease in burglary occurrences inferable from poor securing framework utilized in the present bicycles. Our item is a profoundly progressive item with improved highlights, two alerts and a GPS route to guarantee that the bicycle stays safe consistently. Every one of the angles relating to out start-up regarding the highlights of the item went with the examination of the contenders, client and market portion for the item and furthermore the diverse options of the item that as of now exist in the market must be exhibited in the introduction. Moreover, the market passage technique alongside estimating of the item was likewise talked about by us amid the introduction.

I found that collaboration has been very useful for us and our gathering had every single supportive part which guaranteed that the whole work was subdivided into little errands and was bifurcated and relegated to each gathering part through an assigned gathering overseer dependent on the range of abilities of each gathering part. Viable research was accomplished for finding every one of the information for the picked item and in end our introduction was acceptable and the item was generally welcomed. I am very grateful to our course teachers Janja Song and Alice Comi that they bolstered me with their important bits of knowledge and input all through the adventure and helped me increase basic information required for the fruitful creation and running of a startup viably.

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