This journey as a semi- entrepreneur or a learning entrepreneur was very interesting as I have got to learn a lot of new things which can help me in future to start my own firm . The module Design Thinking as a subject was quite different and interesting to understand.  In this module I have understood how any product has its journey from its idea to the final product . This module explained the journey of a product and how important the journey of the product is. This course made me understand how important a product life cycle is and how it is to be implemented. This was an incredible encounter I could accomplish in Kingston University as I was a Masters understudy from development the board and business I was truly expecting something new something other than what’s expected. As I was totally guileless about maintaining a business this gave me an incredible chance and today we are experts having our own organisation. Experiencing every one of the means as a new business. confronted all good and bad times, all the weight of making benefits and an effective organisation, testing your item over and over until you’re certain you can dispatch it in the market. Generally, I would state it was a rollercoaster ride where we encountered and learnt things. What’s more, we are without a doubt going to recollect this for our whole lives and who knows we all would some time or another become extraordinary business visionaries in life on account of this wonderful course. Expressing gratitude toward my folks for allowing me a chance to proceed to ponder this course and extremely thankful for having Alice Comi and Janja Song for instructing us.

I had missed the introduction week as it had got delayed due to my visa . When I got to knew that the module is really different and interesting , I was really excited to see what the module is and what I am going to learn from this module. So when I attended the first class of the module I had learned that we have to make groups for a group work together which will be assessed . With the help of our instructor we mad a group of four people where I knew one guy from my group as he was my friend back from India . So one of my teammate was from Iraq and The other one was from Saudi Arabia . These two people had there own opinions about the course and were really excited to work together . My teammates were Akash Agarwal , Hassan Abomelha Ans Siavash Ahmedi.

After framing our group we were advised to choose who will be the Managing executive of the organisation and who will be in deals, the executives and money office. at that point we chose who might be what and proceeded with our procedure. Next, we should see one another and make sense of an issue and getting an answer for this by getting an extraordinary creative thought. It was actually difficult to comprehend what everybody’s preferences are and how might we make an extraordinary item by offering rivalry to our cohorts. I and my group chose to meet two times per week to examine increasingly about our item. I truly had incredible accomplices I set aside us some effort to come and settle to a product.

So Siavash Ahmedi had got an idea about the bike cycle as he got 3 of his cycles robbed because of his cheap and weak locks . So with this issue arising all of us came together to an idea where we would make a lock for a bike which was really strong and time consuming for the the thief to break the lock . So we had started our research together as a team and we all had came together to find manufactures who would give us good and strong parts for the bicycle. We had spoken too many lock distributors on how they will help us and what all changes can be done in the product . We had spoken to our professor Alice about our product and she was really happy to see the idea and the view points we had showed her . In the coming weeks , We had started our research on the lock and were gathering information which would help us to make this product effectively and efficiently. All of the team members were assigned work where they had to contribute the work and then we would have combined that work together . During this journey , as an Individual , I used to think about how the product has its own lifecycle and how this whole process is vital in the success of the product . While this process was going on I used to think to use all the procedures used here in my fathers business so that I could change the business style and bring some good changes in his business . While we all were getting ready for the development of the product . We had been said that we will be having a trade fair in the university where we will be showcasing the idea/ prototype we have been making since the start of the module . The day had arrived when we had the Trade Fair in the University . 

All of us were very  nervous as it was a very thing to us. And personally I haven’t been part of any of the trade fairs as am exhibitor . So this was a really good experience as we got to know view points of different entrepreneurs and our professors which would really help us in the future . It was a satisfied day for me as I had explained about the product myself and had confidence that the product will have its own place in the market. 

We had got reviews from our professors where we had to change some of the parts of the product and had to get major operations ready for the product , like the logo of our company and the tagline and major operations of the business . We were all gathering contacts and business operatives who would help in this operations. Time had come when we had our second Trade Fair on the Eden Street of Kingston upon Thames where we had to open our product for the public . We were really anxious but with confidence all of us explained the hard work and operations we had done in making the final product and made everyone understand the importance of our product in todays time. We got a lot of feedback from the public and many entrepreneurs who gave our stall a visit and spoke to us about the product . We had sold two of our locks to our friends who were requiring a bicycle lock . By this gesture they supported us in our works and also helped us start our business with a good promotion as they spread a word of mouth towards more people . 

The item chosen by us is a start-up bike lock which has been intended for the bikes for decrease in burglary episodes inferable from poor securing framework utilised in the present bicycles. Our item is an exceedingly progressive item with improved highlights, two cautions and a GPS route to guarantee that the bicycle stays safe consistently. Every one of the viewpoints relating to out start-up as far as the highlights of the item went with the investigation of the contenders, client and market section for the item and furthermore the diverse options of the item that as of now exist in the market must be displayed in the introduction. Besides, the market passage methodology alongside valuing of the item was additionally examined by us amid the introduction. 

I found that cooperation has been very gainful for us and our gathering had every single accommodating part which guaranteed that the whole work was subdivided into little errands and was bifurcated and allocated to each gathering part by means of an assigned gathering overseer dependent on the range of abilities of each gathering part. Successful research was accomplished for finding every one of the information for the picked item and in end our introduction was acceptable and the item was generally welcomed. 

As all the operations of our Company HSL was going on the time of the main Dragons Den had come down where we had to present our finished product with packaged and finished product . We had completed the product and had made a really strong lock which was really time consuming to break . The final pitch was going to take place where we had to pitch infant of business Investors to invest in our company to help us make this product . The pitch was really interesting as we got a lot of feedback not only for our product but also for a general business to run and how it functions basing on the background . That day I had understood the importance of a business and all its operations. And also I had understood that there are many view to see a product other than our views . This experience will be remembered throughout my life as it was a very interesting and different experience in my life . In future when I will start my own company I will use all the techniques and procedures i have learnt in this module and will make my company successful using the feedback I had got from my well knowledge professors and the judges . As a Entrepreneur I will use all the techniques learnt in this module as i have understood that these all operations help in making any company or firm successful in its environment . This journey of a student to a Semi – Entrepreneur taught me a lot of things from scratch to a finalised and finished product . I would thank my professors for helping us all the way from the start to the end of the journey .

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